Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toenails are not a great snack

What a weekend! We had many walks, played in the back yard and went to a party. At the party we finally met Patches and a Guinea Pig named Casey. We met two rabbits but my short term memory is bad and we can't remember their names. Patches is super nice and very pretty. We played in her back yard and we each pooped there too. I knocked over a pot and Jigga did nose paintings on Fran's glass door.

And then we got home and Daddy cut Jigga's toenails. And I ate them. I got to the little pile before Daddy got the vacuum. They were really delicious but then my belly hurt a little and I had to grumble and lay in the TV room like a slug. So I figured out that toenails are not a great replacement for kibble.

Mommy & Daddy were complaining about going back to their jobs after Labor Day so that got me thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I maybe could be a model but I want to be recognized for more than my smooth brown fur and 11 nipples. So I think I will go to college and maybe become a veterinarian or maybe a journalist. Wherever I decide to go, I want the campus to be environmentally friendly. So I started looking at these green colleges and universities so that I can get an early start on my applications.


p.s. Don't tell Howard but I have a huge crush on a doggie named Daddy. He is on the Dog Whisperer show that we watch. He's really handsome.

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