Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hasta Luego!

We know we have been total blog slackers this month. Things have been really busy plus Mommy & Daddy are leaving for their honeymoon soon. That means we have to go to camp... again. It totally sucks and we wish that we could go to Pennsylvania to stay with Grandma & Grandpa.

Today Mommy was doing laundry and some packing. We just pouted and hoped that would make her feel guilty enough to not leave. This is us:

As you can see, we are pathetic. But this did not stop Mommy from packing. She did pack a bag for us to take to camp and we saw her put in Chewlottas, Nylabones, and Nutbutters. So at least we will have good snacks.

Since we won't be back online for a few weeks, we thought we'd give you an assignment to work on while we're away. Surely you're keeping up with your favorite presidential candidate but do you know how green they are? You can check out fact sheets on each candidate here and also listen to audio clips from their interviews.

Don't forget about us... we'll be back!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catalogs are not cool (and we hate the mail man)

Every day the mail man brings tons of catalogs to our house. We used to like it because when the mail man comes we get to bark. To the left is a photo of Venus just waiting for the mail man to get near our door. You can see how excited she is to bark at him.

But then we learned how wasteful all these catalogs are and how companies are using endangered forests to print them. Plus we're not really sure how all these stores got our addresses, so that is kind of creepy. Mommy and Daddy hate all the catalogs and Mommy is always calling the stores to get removed from the mailing lists. We help her by napping and not barking while she's on the phone. This is Jigga helping Mommy tonight:

You can get involved in the catalog cutdown campaign to not only reduce the catalogs you receive but to also help put the squeeze on retailers to change their naughty catalog-printing habits. You can also learn about your privacy rights and how you can get removed from direct mail lists that get sold to stores around the country.

Oh yeah, and if you don't have the chance to reduce the number of catalogs you receive, please recycle them with your newspapers.

Have a good night!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

We like to kiss

This is me and Venus at the end of a very long day. We like to snuggle with Mommy on the couch and hold each other and then I like to lick my sister's face until she falls asleeping. She really loves it, especially when I kiss her eyelids.

Have a good night.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toenails are not a great snack

What a weekend! We had many walks, played in the back yard and went to a party. At the party we finally met Patches and a Guinea Pig named Casey. We met two rabbits but my short term memory is bad and we can't remember their names. Patches is super nice and very pretty. We played in her back yard and we each pooped there too. I knocked over a pot and Jigga did nose paintings on Fran's glass door.

And then we got home and Daddy cut Jigga's toenails. And I ate them. I got to the little pile before Daddy got the vacuum. They were really delicious but then my belly hurt a little and I had to grumble and lay in the TV room like a slug. So I figured out that toenails are not a great replacement for kibble.

Mommy & Daddy were complaining about going back to their jobs after Labor Day so that got me thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I maybe could be a model but I want to be recognized for more than my smooth brown fur and 11 nipples. So I think I will go to college and maybe become a veterinarian or maybe a journalist. Wherever I decide to go, I want the campus to be environmentally friendly. So I started looking at these green colleges and universities so that I can get an early start on my applications.


p.s. Don't tell Howard but I have a huge crush on a doggie named Daddy. He is on the Dog Whisperer show that we watch. He's really handsome.