Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This one time we think telling is the right thing

A lot of times when Mommy asks us something we don't tell her the answer. She asks, "Who peed in the dining room?" We don't tell. She asks, "Who chewed up and ruined this oven mitt?" We don't tell. She asks, "Who was sitting on the couch where you're not supposed to sit?" We don't tell. You get the picture. And we can see the benefit of not telling. Well, most of the time.

See, we think it's time to repeal the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" law (DADT). We think it's sad and very wrong that people are allowed to sacrifice in the name of freedom for our country but are not allowed to say who they are and who they love. They put their lives on the line to defend this country and our rights, but they're discriminated against and forced to make a choice to either lie about who they are or not serve in the military.

We're really hoping the President Obama follows through on his promise to repeal this law in 2010. It would really make our year. That and being allowed to roll in poop all day long.

If you want to learn more and support folks who are working hard to repeal DADT, visit the Human Rights Campaign website.

Jigga and Venus