Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jigga is a cold-blooded killer

Well, my little brother did something super naughty and made Mommy really mad. Her nostrils flared and everything. See, she had this little stuffed ghost named Le Petit Phantom that she brought out each Halloween. Le Petit Phantom went to Mommy's office and sat near the Halloween candy bowl. This year, she brought him home and set him on the coffee table. Jigga must have mistaken Le Petit Phantom for a chewlotta or maybe a Greenie because while Mommy was working, Jigga stole the little ghost from the table and started to eat him. Mommy happened to walk past the TV room and saw little white stuffing strewn about. She screamed out in terror and took Le Petit Phantom's remains from Jigga's jaws of death.

This actually happened in early November but it's just been in the past few days that Mommy has talked about the incident. Below is a pictorial that documents the terrible assault on Le Petit Phantom's little, white, fluffy body. These photos are not for the faint of heart, so proceed with caution.

The full crime scene: carcass, stuffing, and precious nose:

Le Petit Phantom's insides:

Hi little but hardly wicked little white nose that Jigga ripped so effortlessly from the little ghost's face:A close-up shot of the full damage:
Le Petit Phantom will be missed by all, but especially by Mommy. I hope that snuggles from me will make her feel better.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Gobble gobble, crunch crunch

Hoorah for Thanksgiving! We are really thankful this year for Stacia and Brian because they bought us some delicious cookies. See they are specially made just for doggies. We had so much fun eating them.

We also know that Thanksgiving isn't just about cookies. We know it's a time to appreciate all the people who love us and that we love -- even people we don't love, like the mailman. It's also a nice time to think about helping others that might have less than you. It is estimated that 38 million people in our country (including about 14 million children) live in poverty and often don't have enough money to eat healthy meals. If you have some extra time this week or even a few extra dollars you can help a person or a family get a hot meal on Thursday. Usually local schools, churches, and grocery stores offer ways that you can donate time, money and canned goods. You can also visit the Help the Homeless website to find city-specific projects that you might want to get involved in. We know that less fortunate people need help all of the time -- not just at holidays -- but it's a good time to start.

Venus & Jigga

Monday, November 12, 2007

Turtle gets rocked

Well, really, she got on her rock. When Turtle Face first moved in, we heard that she loved to lay on this really nice rock. But we didn't see her do it for so long. Finally the other night she got up on her rock to stretch her little fins:

The pictures don't come out super clear through the aquarium, but Mommy & Daddy were really excited because this makes us think that Turtle is finally feeling at home with us.

All of the attention on turtle makes Jigga a little jealous. So Mommy had to wrap him in a blanket again and put him down for a nap.

I went to my follow up today with the doggie eye doctor and I got great news. My eye is completely healed! Daddy & Mommy will still put eye goo in for one more week and then I am done and good as new. Thank you to everyone who asked about me but I am still mad that none of you sent boneless babies.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Doodle eyeball update 2007

Venus is on her way home with Daddy after her appointment with the furry baby eye care specialist. The doctor says that Venus has a small tear in the outer layer of her actual eyeball, so that is what caused the initial inflammation around the eye and is causing the continued redness. The doctor says that she could not see any remaining cloudiness in the eyeball and feels that the injured eye is dilating just fine now. She expects that the tear will heal just fine and that the injury will not cause any future vision problems for Venus. But now Venus has to get eye goo 4 times a day now, instead of 2. (For tips on how to administer eye goo & drops to your dog, visit this site.) And she has a follow up appointment next Thursday, Nov. 8. Daddy says Venus was really nervous at the doctor and did not like having her temperature taken (in her bum) but that she was a really good girl. I probably would not have been good and would have peed on the doctor and on any inanimate object I could find.


p.s. Venus still has not received any boneless babies.