Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hasta Luego!

We know we have been total blog slackers this month. Things have been really busy plus Mommy & Daddy are leaving for their honeymoon soon. That means we have to go to camp... again. It totally sucks and we wish that we could go to Pennsylvania to stay with Grandma & Grandpa.

Today Mommy was doing laundry and some packing. We just pouted and hoped that would make her feel guilty enough to not leave. This is us:

As you can see, we are pathetic. But this did not stop Mommy from packing. She did pack a bag for us to take to camp and we saw her put in Chewlottas, Nylabones, and Nutbutters. So at least we will have good snacks.

Since we won't be back online for a few weeks, we thought we'd give you an assignment to work on while we're away. Surely you're keeping up with your favorite presidential candidate but do you know how green they are? You can check out fact sheets on each candidate here and also listen to audio clips from their interviews.

Don't forget about us... we'll be back!


Jenny F said...

Hi Jigga and Venus! I hope you're both doing well (I'm sure you miss Mommy & Daddy)! Please tell them T & I are thinking of them and wishing them a fabulous time on their trip! XOXO

Nikki said...

Dear Venus and Jigga,
I miss your blog! Please, please, please post more. i want to see pix of Turtle Face and this years Halloween costumes! I will be a Rasta Man :) Auntie Molly will be Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager!
Auntie Nikki