Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Campaign Tail 2008

We're not sure who to endorse yet in the 2008 election but John Edwards is looking pretty good. We like that he's making his campaign carbon neutral and we think that he would give pretty good back scratches. Be sure to read his interview with Grist Magazine. Here is Venus' tribute to his photo from the Grist article.

She doesn't have the bangs but she looks pretty serious and trustworthy. Check back for future posts on other candidates.

By the way, we are super happy to live with our parents but we know many animals don't have food in their bellies, a nice place to sleep at night, or humans to love and care for them. The Humane Society can help you find your local shelter if you're looking to adopt a pet or if you would like to volunteer.

Protest Vick in Style

We think Michael Vick is a total douche bag. Tell others you think so too by wearing a t-shirt or neck kerchief to express your opinion. CafePress has great doggie and human gear.

We love reality TV

Check out this picture of Venus watching TV. We watched "The Age of Love" last night and were sad to see Maria eliminate herself. We thought that Mark should have ditched that nut job, Amanda, before she boils his puppy. She is a bit off her rocker. We are hoping that Jen wins in the end.

This morning we got to have our favorite treat, Nut-tastics. They are delicious because they taste like peanut butter. And we love them because they have a mini size for me (Jigga) and a normal size for Venus. Grandma (Abuela) gets them for us from Pennsylvania.

We have to go to camp this Friday when Mommy & Daddy leave for the beach. We hope that they take us to see Underdog before they leave.

Bean & Doodle

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fight Animal Cruelty...please

ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Resource Center

Our first blog post

We are Jigga and Venus Messman, two furry babies that live in Alexandria, VA. Our parents are Dave Messman and Bobbi Russell. They let us set up this blog so we can keep our family and friends up to speed on what we do. We probably won't post every day because we need many naps and are busy in the evenings with barking and eating kibble. We also don't have thumbs so typing can be hard on our paws. But we'll do our best.

We hope you enjoy our blog...and look forward to hearing from you.