Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catalogs are not cool (and we hate the mail man)

Every day the mail man brings tons of catalogs to our house. We used to like it because when the mail man comes we get to bark. To the left is a photo of Venus just waiting for the mail man to get near our door. You can see how excited she is to bark at him.

But then we learned how wasteful all these catalogs are and how companies are using endangered forests to print them. Plus we're not really sure how all these stores got our addresses, so that is kind of creepy. Mommy and Daddy hate all the catalogs and Mommy is always calling the stores to get removed from the mailing lists. We help her by napping and not barking while she's on the phone. This is Jigga helping Mommy tonight:

You can get involved in the catalog cutdown campaign to not only reduce the catalogs you receive but to also help put the squeeze on retailers to change their naughty catalog-printing habits. You can also learn about your privacy rights and how you can get removed from direct mail lists that get sold to stores around the country.

Oh yeah, and if you don't have the chance to reduce the number of catalogs you receive, please recycle them with your newspapers.

Have a good night!

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