Thursday, August 30, 2007

Three day weekends rule! And so do Greenies.

You know, it's a busy week in the news and we've had a hard time keeping up with everything between naps and barking. We saw Barack Obama on the Daily Show and really liked him. It seems like he cares about energy and oil dependence but we'd like to know more about clean air & water, national parks, and green spaces.

So we're almost to Labor Day weekend! We are excited because we're going to meet Patches this weekend at a BBQ. We're going to play croquet and grill Greenies. But we are really worried about child labor laws. Places like Firestone exploit children and other workers in Liberia and many other companies around the world are guilty of abusing children to turn a profit. Great organizations like Rugmark are working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and instead provide educational opportunities to children in South Asia. Visit this page to find out more about ways you can help and also to get a list of companies you should avoid.

Finally, Venus wants to audition for Flavor of Love 3 and the next Bachelor. Which photo do you think she should use?

This up close one that shows off her lips?
Or this profile shot?

Let us know in a comment, please.

Bean & Doodle


patches said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys! Do you already know how to crochet? I don't but am looking forward to grilled greenies!

Wiggles and leans,

Nikki said...

Dear Venus,

I LOVE the picture of your lips. I can't see how they could possibly turn her down for Flavor of Love with a face like that. I've decided on Flav you would be called Ms. Luscious Lips Venus, mmm hmmm, the goddess of love!

Good luck Venus!!

Love, Auntie Nikki

patches said...

Hi Venus and Jigga,

Thanks for coming over for our BBQ. I had a great time leaning on your mommy and telling her how much Fran and Ann don't feed me. (Not true, but sometimes I get treats that way!) It was great to meet you in canine too. I hope you had fun, even though the humans wouldn't let us play the ball game. Thanks for the goodie bag. I love my nylabone!

Venus, definitely go with the close up. There's no way anyone could resist those lips!

Wiggles and leans,