Wednesday, August 1, 2007

We love collars but we don't love (other) fur

We got new collars from our cousins Henry and Maddie. They live in Maui with Aunties Nikki Jo and Molly. We're super excited because we like getting new things to wear. Unfortunately, we couldn't sit still long enough for Mommy to get a picture with our collars on, so we took them off and she took this picture.

Jigga got the one with the card suits and I got the one with the paws and cross bones. Pretty cool, huh?

After we took off our collars I decided to make Jigga put on a bunny outfit. I can do that because I'm bigger and can make him do things. Anyway, you can see from the photo shoot below that he is pretty

He said he would rather go naked than wear fur, which is pretty strange because he has no choice but to wear fur since it's attached to his skin. But to make up with him, I promised I would do this post to encourage everyone else to go fur-free. Rid your closet of fur coats and choose to donate them to PETA's Fur is Dead campaign. Your coat will go to someone in need either here in the U.S or to women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq.



Nikki said...

Hi Jigga And Venus!!
We're glad you love your collars :)
Maddie and Henry

Khalil said...

I feel your pain, Jigga! My last girlfriend used to make me dress-up in a bunny outfit, too.