Friday, August 3, 2007

Eggs before camp

Today is the day we go to camp. Well, Mommy & Daddy call it camp but we like to call it prison. Still, Mommy made us scrambled eggs this morning, which is one of our favorite treats. We will have stinky farts, tho.

We wanted to show Mommy just how we felt about "camp" so I decided to put on one of my old Halloween costumes:
I'm a prisoner! Hee hee. So then I told Venus to go put on her striped outfit and this is what she came up with:
Not really along the lines of what I was thinking, but she says she is a "jail bee."

So we're off to "camp" soon. We may not be able to post from there because they don't have wireless. If you want to keep current about what's happening in the news around the nation, we think you should read the Daily Kos.

We'll miss you and will see you next weekend!!

Jigga and Venus

1 comment:

William said...

Deer Jigga and Venus,
Hou r u dooing? Wee r secritlee on William's e-mail accownt. Dont tel him. Wee hope u r having funn at "camp." I'm weth u on the eg farts. Wee also hav stinkee farts. Butered noodels hav a stinkee reactshon. Wee'd beter go.

Luv, Henry and Maddie