Thursday, November 1, 2007

Doodle eyeball update 2007

Venus is on her way home with Daddy after her appointment with the furry baby eye care specialist. The doctor says that Venus has a small tear in the outer layer of her actual eyeball, so that is what caused the initial inflammation around the eye and is causing the continued redness. The doctor says that she could not see any remaining cloudiness in the eyeball and feels that the injured eye is dilating just fine now. She expects that the tear will heal just fine and that the injury will not cause any future vision problems for Venus. But now Venus has to get eye goo 4 times a day now, instead of 2. (For tips on how to administer eye goo & drops to your dog, visit this site.) And she has a follow up appointment next Thursday, Nov. 8. Daddy says Venus was really nervous at the doctor and did not like having her temperature taken (in her bum) but that she was a really good girl. I probably would not have been good and would have peed on the doctor and on any inanimate object I could find.


p.s. Venus still has not received any boneless babies.

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