Monday, November 12, 2007

Turtle gets rocked

Well, really, she got on her rock. When Turtle Face first moved in, we heard that she loved to lay on this really nice rock. But we didn't see her do it for so long. Finally the other night she got up on her rock to stretch her little fins:

The pictures don't come out super clear through the aquarium, but Mommy & Daddy were really excited because this makes us think that Turtle is finally feeling at home with us.

All of the attention on turtle makes Jigga a little jealous. So Mommy had to wrap him in a blanket again and put him down for a nap.

I went to my follow up today with the doggie eye doctor and I got great news. My eye is completely healed! Daddy & Mommy will still put eye goo in for one more week and then I am done and good as new. Thank you to everyone who asked about me but I am still mad that none of you sent boneless babies.


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patches said...

Dear Venus,

I'm so glad your eye is all better! Can you tell your mommy & daddy that I love the newspaper toy that you guys brought me? It took Fran and Ann a long time to figure out that I only play with toys outside. It sure takes a long time to train some humans. I hope you get some boneless babies soon -- maybe at Thanksgiving?

Wiggles and leans,