Monday, October 29, 2007

Venus is in recovery

We're not quite sure how, but poor Venus has a boo boo on her right eye. It was swollen and red so she went to the doctor and was really brave and got eye drops. Now she has to get eye drops two times a day. I am jealous when she gets them because she gets hugs from Mommy & Daddy. Although her eye is less swollen and appears to be healing, Mommy & Daddy are still worried so Venus is going to see an eye care specialist on Thursday morning. She will probably get more eye goo there.

The good news is that Venus has been a really good girl and is not scratching at her eye. She also has not lost her appetite or desire to bark with me at the neighbor dogs. So no pictures today but please keep my sister in your thoughts. Send her hugs and boneless babies.



Jenny L (formerly F) said...

Get well soon Venus! XOXO

(BTW-what are "boneless babies"?)

Jigga and Venus said...

Aunt Jenny,
Boneless babies are babies with no bones. The absence of bones makes them really easy for Venus to eat & digest ;)