Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We love reality TV

Check out this picture of Venus watching TV. We watched "The Age of Love" last night and were sad to see Maria eliminate herself. We thought that Mark should have ditched that nut job, Amanda, before she boils his puppy. She is a bit off her rocker. We are hoping that Jen wins in the end.

This morning we got to have our favorite treat, Nut-tastics. They are delicious because they taste like peanut butter. And we love them because they have a mini size for me (Jigga) and a normal size for Venus. Grandma (Abuela) gets them for us from Pennsylvania.

We have to go to camp this Friday when Mommy & Daddy leave for the beach. We hope that they take us to see Underdog before they leave.

Bean & Doodle


Molly said...

Dear Jigga and Venus,

I miss both of your kisses in the morning but this is the next best thing! Thank you for keeping us all up to date on your lives. Henry and Maddie are extremely jealous; they might have to start one of their own. By the way, they love reality tv too - but, just Survivor and Amazing Race.

We will be checking back often.

Love, Molly

Nikki said...

Dear Venus and Jigga,
Although Henry and Maddie like Reality TV, they prefer shows like Star Trek Voyager, SVU, CSI, and ER. Just and FYI :)
Love and miss you, Auntie Nikki