Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary, Daddy & Mommy!

Today is the day that Mommy and Daddy got married. Well, one year ago they got married. We were not invited. We stayed home by ourselves all day eating kibble and wondering where everyone went. Finally Grandpa & Grandma came home and they let us sleep with them.

But it's been a pretty good year. Mommy survived financial smackdown and Daddy survived Mommy's complaining about financial smackdown. We spent the year barking, peeing, pooping, eating and sleeping.

Tonight we will stay home alone while Daddy takes Mommy to dinner. We're not invited. We'll probably lay on the couch, bark at people walking past our house, and take a pee on the leg of Mommy's new dining room table. It's the least we can do to celebrate their first year of marriage.

We love you Daddy & Mommy!!

Venus & Jigga

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Jenny L (formerly F) said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Oh how time flies huh? It's been WAAAAY too long... perhaps we can get together and celebrate? Miss you!